creative agency for visual content and marketing

Who we are

POLYMORPH is a creative agency and network for visual content and marketing. We produce videos, photos and help businesses and brands to connect with their audience through emotive visual storytelling. Our aim is to create lasting memories.

Every project is different – so we are too. With the help of our network of awesome freelancers and partners we can adapt to your needs. Always staffed with the right talents for the job. Always efficient, versatile and a perfect fit for every project size and budget.

In the spirit of our agile culture it's up to you and your project if we take over the complete project management or support you with partial areas of the content creation process.

What we believe

Get attention, be relevant – we love creating content that helps you getting there. To stand out and be seen, it's essential to share common grounds with your audience. Choosing the right angles, forms and narratives of a story is crucial to make it work. We believe that these decisions should not solely base on intuition and taste – but on data, too.

The more you know about who you're communicating with, the better you can fine tune your content. You can speak the same language and talk about things you both care about. Sharing emotions and interests is powerful. Let's take advantage of it.

Whenever possible we try to get as many insights about your audience as possible and follow best practices of the social media platforms where the content is published. It's great for defining content strategies, the creative process, production and makes content marketing a breeze. It's awesome.

What we offer

Film production

Producing films is in our DNA. We can help you with everything from the development of an idea and concept to production, post-production and distribution. We also realise projects that include extensive motion design, CGI/3D, 360° and live streaming.

Most of us have editorial roots. That's why we love to produce branded content in the art of storytelling – genuine, authentic and honest, with conflicts, quests and a human touch. But we also produce videos that help users, explain things, present products and services or show the very best of certain events in a recap or aftermovie.


Covering events with more than 60.000 guests and hundreds of acts is quite a challenge. Especially if most of it is happening simultaniously. But with the right team and nearly two dozen photographers it's a blast and so much fun. That's why we've specialised in event photography including 360° and panoramic shots, live editing with a team of dedicated editors on set and real-time reporting via social media.

What sets us apart from others is that we don't do press photography. We stage, we over exaggerate and we edit, retouch and color grade our photos to emphasize the feelings we like to share.

Content Marketing

We want your content to be seen and loved – even more if we've helped creating it. Thus we're on a mission to make that happen by offeriing content consulting, following best practices and using every trick in the content marketing book. We take your brand position and target group insights into account, analyize competitors and spin up brand and content strategies. If we notice anything that can be optimized, we'll let you know. Even for free. Because we're dedicated to it. Your success is our success.