How to make the best of now

A need for Storytellers

COVID-19 has changed everything. Businesses are struggling, jobs are in jeopardy and days are marked by uncertainty about so many things – even though lockdown regulations are being eased.

While times are certainly rough, your communication should not come to a stop. If this crisis show anything, it's the increased need for good storytelling. People want to know how the businesses and brands they care about handle the current situation. Stay in touch! Be informative and let them know what's going on. You can create content that entertains, inspires and cheers everyone up.

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Streaming and Video-on-demand

Conferences, presentations, exhibitions – everything's canceled. If you are challenged with the task to find a way to present your business, product or service you do not have to rely on video conferences via webcam.

We can help you with a small studio space you can use to host your own digital event. Stream it to all mayor platforms, get instant feedback from your audience, do live Q&A's or record and edit it to make it available as video-on-demand. Take advantage of a 12sqm screen for all kinds of announcements, webinars or presentations. You can even invite special guests and partners for interviews while following health and safety regulations. It's showtime!

Other Productions

With the easing of the lockdown restrictions comes great responsibility. We follow current health and safety guidelines because your and our health is our highest priority.

We reduce team sizes to the minimum without compromising quality. This gives us not only more intimacy for the production – it allows us to work fast, agile and in a non-intrusive way while keeping everyone safe.

Are you in doubt whether a production is possible or how to tell a certain story? Just get in touch with us – we're here to help!