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OMR Festival 2016-PRESENT

Europe's Leading digital marketing event

With 50.000+ visitors, 400+ exhibitiors and 300+ speakers the OMR Festival is Europe's leading digital marketing event. Hosted in Hamburg on more than 90.000 square meters over the course of two days of non stop action and entertainment.

We fill terabytes of data with photos and videos

We film and take photos. A lot. What started out as a one man show a couple of years ago has grown with the festival. Now we're a team of 30+ photographers, filmmakers and editors to make sure that we capture every meaningful moment during the two days. We cover all stages, speakers and acts, many masterclasses, side events and so much more. If you have seen one of the festival aftermovies or photos of the event: that's what we've done.

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Director & Executive Producer

Hannes Holtermann


Valentin Ammon, Jan Axmann, Ronny Barthel, Konstantin Beck, Miguel Brusch, Arne Gutknecht, Rajko Hess, Simon Hollmann, Julian Huke, Daniela Kreisl, Christopher Kurr, Florian Manz, Eike Marquardt, Moritz Rehbein, Bernd Rottmann, Niclas Rühl, Andre Schaapen, Julius Schrank, Jana Schuler, Sebastian Stücke, Lucas Wahl, Alexander Woeckener

Edit Photography

Arne Gutknecht, Christoph Enke


Karsten Boysen, Andre Schaapen, Philipp Schluck, Linus Specht, Joel Vila


Christian Grundey


Nico Koenen